Why Rosemount?

Rosemount is located in Dakota County, a southeastern suburb in the Minneapolis / St. Paul metropolitan area, with a population of almost 23,000. It is a pro-growth community with plenty of land available for new construction. In the last decade Rosemount’s population grew by 50% and is projected to increase by another 90% to 42,000 by the year 2030.

Rosemount has a high median income relative to the state average, a highly educated workforce with 39% of its residents holding college degrees, and the second highest median house value compared to all cities in Dakota County. The City Council has prioritized its work to include assisting redevelopment of the historic Downtown, business employment growth, and installation of infrastructure to attract new development.

CNBC picked Minnesota as 2015's top state for business, and Money magazine named the City in 2015 the 12th Best Place to Live and 4th Best Place to be a Kid. Rosemount builds on those opportunities to meet the needs of growing companies.

Why Business?

  • Business park land is located just 20 minutes away from Minneapolis / St. Paul (MSP) International Airport. Business sites have direct access to St. Paul in the north and Rochester in the south from State Highway 52, and to Minneapolis from I-35W via County Road 46.
  • The Rosemount Business Park is designated a "Shovel-Ready Site” by the State of Minnesota, one of only 15 in the state.
  • Education attainment levels in Rosemount are high with 39% of residents having college degrees and 97% having high school diplomas.
  • The City has an economic development partnership with the University of Minnesota, highlighting the UMore property and its future sustainable Business Park. UMore Park is 5,000 acres of landholdings of the University of Minnesota that currently is used for agricultural research but is scheduled to become a new town with up to 30,000 new residents and over 500 acres of business and commercial ventures.
  • Businesses can obtain customized training program with a local partner, Dakota County Technical College, as part of Minnesota’s state college system.
  • Rosemount and the Twin Cities Metro have low utility rates compared with other metropolitan areas. The City Council has lowered the City’s tax levy in the last three years.

Why Retail?

  • Household size is larger than the metropolitan average with 2.88 persons per household.
  • The community is young, with 31% of the population under 18 years of age. More than half the City is under 40 years of age.
  • The median income of Rosemount households is 48% greater than the state and 29% greater than the region at $85,660.
  • 80% of the adult population participates in the labor force, creating disposable income for shopping and services.

Why Residential?

  • In the last three years, the City has maintained a steady pace of development at on average 73 new units per year.
  • The City opened 1,100 acres with sewer and water available to allow residential development.
  • The City, in partnership with the county and through use of federal stimulus funds, has provided the major collector in the expansion area for a fraction of the total cost to property owners.
  • Rosemount schools, Independent School District (ISD) 196, have consistently scored above statewide mandated tests and recent results are 9 percentage points above the state average.
  • The City has over 250 commercial ventures providing a myriad of services to our residents.
  • Rosemount has over 467 acres devoted to passive and active recreational uses, including neighborhood, community, and regional parks; and an ever-expanding trail system.