Planning Maps

Zoning Map PDF and Interactive Zoning Map

The zoning map shows the different zoning classifications within Rosemount. If you questions on the zoning classification of a property, you can contact Planner, Julia Hogan, at 651-322-2052.

2040 Comp Plan Land Use Map

The City of Rosemount created an official Comprehensive Plan to guide the City's development through the year 2040. The City Council adopted the plan in March, 2020. The Land Use Map is updated each time there is an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan.

Development Framework for Downtown

In 2003, the Rosemount City Council appointed a Downtown Committee to create a vision for the core downtown. The resulting document, the Development Framework for Downtown Rosemount, was unanimously approved by the committee and adopted by the Port Authority and City Council in the summer of 2004. The Framework is to be used as the basis for land use, development, and redevelopment decisions for the community’s downtown.

Bicycle Facilities Map

Rosemount developed the Bicycle Facilities Map in an effort to encourage residents to bicycle for both recreation and transportation. The extensive network of bicycle facilities within the community include City routes for accessing local destinations, County routes for reaching neighboring communities and connecting to the surrounding metropolitan area, and the Mississippi River Regional Trail. The map also shows the location of popular destinations and bicycle parking throughout the community.