Water System Overview

Residents and businesses that use the City’s water services help pay for the operation, maintenance, and replacement expense of those services through their quarterly utility bill. Our water system includes 4 water towers, 9 wells, 130 miles of water main, and nearly 1,400 hydrants. The water system expenses include such things as:

  • Well and water tower maintenance (inspections, cleaning, painting, etc)
  • Water main inspection, cleaning, repairs, and replacement
  • Water system expansion (new wells and towers as the City grows)
  • Staff salaries, benefits and insurance
  • Supplies and equipment, electricity, and chemicals for treating water
  • Staff training, certifications, seminars, etc.
  • Technology upgrades and maintenance

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Helpful Resources

Flyer - Rosemount Water Resources

Video - Our Groundwater Connection (shared by Anoka County)

 Notice from MN Department of Health regarding water treatment scams

Water Metrics

Hardness - 17 grains per gallon (considered hard)

pH - 7.7 (average, slightly alkaline)

Iron content - 0.53 mg/l (average)

Fluoride content - 0.7 mg/l