Water Quality Report

Annual Water Report 

Water is a highly regulated resource, and the City of Rosemount is dedicated to providing safe and clean drinking water to all of our residents. We work closely with the Minnesota Department of Health to ensure that our water supply continues to meet all Safe Drinking Water Act standards. The City issues an annual Water Quality Report to keep you informed and aware.  

Review the 2022 annual Water Quality report

If you wish to receive a hard copy of this report, please contact the Rosemount Public Works Department at 651-322-2022.

Manganese Water Update

The Minnesota Department of Health found increased levels of manganese in two of our city wells in late 2019. Learn more about manganese and the steps the City has taken to mitigate this issue. 

Manganese Level Update - September 2023

Resources for Residents with Private Wells

In addition to the city water system, many rural households in Rosemount rely on private wells for their water supply. Existing manganese data from private water wells in Rosemount indicate 39% of well water samples exceed the drinking water guidance of 100 micrograms per liter. Water softeners or reverse osmosis treatment systems can effectively reduce the manganese.

Learn more on the Dakota County Wells & Drinking Water webpage

Tap In - Safe Drinking Water for Private Well Users