Quiet Zone

The sounding of train horns has been noticeably reduced in Rosemount under a "quiet zone" that took effect January 6, 2012. The quiet zone is in effect 24 hours a day and covers all at-grade crossings from Akron Avenue to 160th Street West. The crossing on Bonaire Path just east of Akron Avenue is outside the quiet zone; trains will continue to sound their horns at this location. [quiet zone map]

In some cases, train horns may still be heard in the quiet zone. Engineers will be allowed to sound their horns if they see an emergency situation, such as a person or vehicle on the tracks. Engineers are also required to sound their horns to warn crews working on the line or if crossing arms or signals are malfunctioning.

Police will strictly enforce the rules against crossing the tracks when signals are flashing.

For More Information

For more information about quiet zones, please visit the Federal Railroad Administration website. You may also direct any comments or concerns to the City’s Public Works Department by phone (651) 322-2022 or email at

Crossing issues with signals, gates or trains blocking the crossing: 800-848-8715
Report a blocked crossing through the Federal Railroad Administration website. 
Include crossing number when you call (blue signs are posted at each crossing)
CSAH 46 crossing:  380416L
CSAH 42 crossing:  384044K
145th Street crossing:  876402C
Biscayne Ave crossing:  876403J
Akron Ave crossing:  876407L

For specific questions about railroad operations and scheduling, you may contact:

Federal Railroad Association

Tammy Wagner, Regional Crossing Manager
200 West Adams, Suite 310
Chicago, Illinois 60606
Ph: (815) 715-6034
Fax: (312) 886-9634

Tom Domres, Regional Crossing and Trespasser Manager
(312) 877-2866

Union Pacific Railroad

Lisa Lawson Stark, Public Affairs
101 N. Wacker Drive, Suite 1910
Chicago, IL 60606
Ph: (312) 777-2002

Progressive Rail

Layne Leitner
21778 Highview Avenue
Lakeville, Minnesota 55044
Ph: (612) 791-1212
Fax: (952) 985-7626

Canadian Pacific Railroad

Customer Connect Line: 800-766-7912