Code Enforcement

The City of Rosemount's Code Enforcement division was created to help enforce the laws and ordinances of the city regarding zoning and property maintenance issues. Well-maintained properties help to protect property values of homes and businesses in our community. Also, poorly maintained properties decrease pride in community and can lead to increased vandalism and crime.

Rosemount code enforcement refers to the enforcement of City Codes or rules, which are specific to Rosemount and our neighborhood expectations. The goal of code compliance is to improve the quality of life for Rosemount residents through active education and enforcement of property maintenance standards. This program is different than the Building code, Fire code, Electrical code or any other code.

Complaint Basis Enforcement

Code compliance is enforced on a complaint basis. Generally, the City receives a call from a neighbor about a property on their street, saying there is a violation. The City will review the property and verify whether a violation is existing or not. If calling in a complaint and you don’t talk to a person, please leave contact information so staff can get back in touch with you. We may have additional questions or we may find the property in question does not have a violation under the code and would want to let you know.

Sequential Enforcement Program

The City also runs a proactive, sequential enforcement program. This program highlights a specific neighborhood every summer. Each resident in the selected neighborhood will receive a letter from the City explaining current regulations and typical violations. Two weeks after receipt of the letter, the City will conduct an inspection on a block by block basis. Properties that have a violation will be contacted by mail explaining the issue and giving a time period to address the problem. The goal is to inform and educate to achieve the neighborhood expectations.

In all cases with code compliance, the City wants to work with the property owner to achieve compliance with regulations. Feel free to talk to the inspector about the issue and how long it may take you to bring the property into compliance.

Common Questions 

What is the difference between general code enforcement and the sequential code enforcement program? 

While code compliance is enforced on a complaint basis throughout the year, the sequential enforcement program allows for proactive code enforcement. This occurs only during the late spring and summer months in a designated neighborhood – not across the entire city. 

What is the difference between complaint and proactive code enforcement? 

Proactive enforcement allows for code enforcement officers to conduct planned inspections of properties in violation of the city code rather than responding to a complaint from a property owner. 

How does the City determine which neighborhood will be a part of the sequential code enforcement program each year?

The City rotates which neighborhood will participate on an early basis. This allows for each neighborhood to participate approximately every seven (7) years.

How do I find out when my neighborhood will be participating in the Sequential Code Enforcement Program?

The city has provided a sequential code enforcement map which outlines the projected rotation for the program.

What if I want to participate in No Mow May? Will the Sequential Code Enforcement Program inhibit me from doing so?

The City Council recently enacted a resolution proclaiming No Mow May. In support of No Mow May, the City will be temporarily suspending enforcement of lawn height ordinances for the month of May on occupied residential properties in good standing.  The City will resume enforcement of lawn height ordinances on Monday June 12th.

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