Girl Raking CompostingComposting is allowed in agricultural and residential districts.

• Compost bins must be ten feet (10’) from property lines and may not be within twenty feet (20') of a residential dwelling, other than on the property where the compost bin is located.

• Compost bins may not allow runoff or leakage to enter streets, sewers, ponds, streams, drainage ditches, or wetlands.

• No compost bin may be located within twenty-five feet (25’) of any body of water, floodplain, shore land, or designated wetland buffer.

• All composting must occur in a container/bin constructed of wood, wire mesh, concrete, block or a combination thereof, or in a commercially available compost bin designated for composting organic waste.

• No herbicides, pesticides, meat, bones, whole eggs, dairy products, un=shredded branches, logs, weeds heavily loaded with seeds, plastic, synthetic fiber, human or animal wastes, diseased plants or any other mixed municipal waste may be added to a composting bin.

(City Code 5-4).