House Numbers

houseAll houses and buildings must have numbers which are large enough to be read from the street. The City considers proper placement of house numbers as a health and safety issue. Care should be taken to place the house numbers in a highly visible spot, allowing that they can be read in daytime and nighttime. This is to aid visitors, including emergency responders, such as the police or fire departments, to find your home as quickly as possible.

The requirements for building address numbers on your property is as follows:
  • Address signs (building address numbers) shall be required for each principal structure in the City, clearly legible from the street at which access is gained, except in non-sewered areas where addresses shall be affixed to mail boxes or a separate structure visible from the street.
  • New and existing buildings shall have approved address numbers.
  • Address numbers shall be Arabic numerals or alphabet letters.
  • Numbers shall be a minimum of 4 inches high with a minimum stroke width of ½ inch. These numbers shall contrast with their background.
(City Code 11-8-1:C.11).