Waste Containers and Outdoor Storage

garbage can

Garbage Containers

All waste materials, debris, refuse, garbage, junk or similar material shall be kept within tightly closed containers designed for such purpose. The containers shall be kept in an enclosed area and may not be placed in the front yard area or at the curb until the evening before collection, and must be removed the evening of the day of collection. (City Code 11-2-9:D

Outdoor Storage

Except as specifically authorized by this Ordinance, all equipment, merchandise, materials, supplies, unlicensed vehicles, junk vehicles, trash and junk, and finished and semi-finished products shall be stored within structures as defined herein. This provision does not apply to clothesline poles, lawn furniture, picnic tables and playground equipment as associated with residential use. (City Code 11-2-9)

Examples of prohibited items include cans, paper, cardboard, bottles, wood other than firewood, appliances, furniture, tires, bricks, cement, etc. All garbage, refuse, and debris must be disposed of once a week by a licensed hauler, or self hauled to a licensed site.

Printable Handout for Outdoor Storage and Garbage Containers