Egress Windows

Printable Handout for Egress Windows

Permit and Fees

A building permit is required for window installation and replacement.

Fee is based on valuation.

Plan Submittal Requirements

Two (2) copies of the plans which you may draw yourself. Show all dimensions; specify types and sizes of materials - provide as much construction detail as you can.

Specific Requirements

  • Setbacks requirements vary by zoning districts. Please check with the Planning Department for the specific requirements for your property. In any case, no structure or window well may encroach into any easement.
  • Basements and every sleeping room shall have at least one operable emergency and rescue opening. Such opening shall open directly into a public street, public alley, yard or court. Where basements contain one or more sleeping rooms, emergency egress and rescue openings shall be required in each sleeping room, but shall not be required in adjoining areas of the basement. 
  • Bars, grills, covers, screens or similar devices are permitted to be placed over emergency escape and rescue openings or window wells that serve such openings, provided the minimum net clear opening size complies, and such devices shall be releasable or removable from the inside without the use of a key, tool, special knowledge or force greater than that which is required for normal operation of the escape and rescue opening. 
  • Emergency escape windows are allowed to be installed under decks and porches provided the location of the deck allows the emergency escape window to be fully opened and provides a path not less than 36 inches in height to a yard or court. 
  • Window wells with a vertical depth greater than 44 inches shall be equipped with a permanently affixed ladder or steps usable with the window in the fully open position. Ladders or rungs shall have an inside width of at least 12 inches, shall project at least 3 inches from the wall and shall be spaced not more than 18 inches on center vertically for the full height of the window well.