Printable Handout on Fences

Permit and Fees

Permits are required for all fences installed in Rosemount. Fence permit fees are $75.00.

Plan Submittal

Together with your permit application, include a drawing (see example below) of your property indicating where your fence is to be placed.

Specific Requirements

  • The maximum height of any fence installed within the City of Rosemount is 6 feet. All in-ground pools must be enclosed by a four (4) foot high, non-climbable fence with a self-closing/self latching gate. Above ground pools that have a sidewall four (4) foot high or higher are not required to have additional fencing provided the pool has a lockable ore removable ladder to prevent access to the pool.
  • All fences may be installed up to but not on the property line. For setback information on properties that have wetlands or ponding areas, call the Engineering Department at 651-322-2055.
  • The City of Rosemount does not provide surveying services. It is up to the homeowner to establish the location of the property lines and make these available upon request of the inspector.
  • Fences that extend into front yards of corner lots MUST NOT impair traffic visibility. See the drawing below. Fences that extend into rear yards must consider abutting properties. If your rear yard abuts adjacent properties front yard then the fence in the front yard setback area must not exceed 48 inches.
  • The City of Rosemount does not enforce the private covenants of subdivisions. Homeowners should always check the covenants in their areas for additional fence requirements.
  • An inspection during installation and/or after completion is required for all fences.

Fence Diagram