Garages - Additions, Accessory Buildings

Printable Handout for Garages, Additions, Accessory Buildings

Permit and Fees

A building permit is required for all garages, additions, and for accessory buildings over 200 square feet in floor area. The fee for the building permit is based on the value of construction pursuant to the Building Value Range, Exhibit A of the City fee schedule.

Plan Submittal

Two copies of each of the following items must be submitted along with a completed building permit for review. Allow up to 10 working days for review and permit issuance upon complete submittal.

1. A scaled property survey or site plan showing the following information:
  • Lot size and all adjacent streets
  • Exact location and dimensions of all existing and proposed buildings, walks and driveways on the site.
  • Owners name and address.
  • If septic system/well present – indicate location of the tank/s, drainfield and well.
  • Lot coverage info (see below).
Note: Owner must be able to show corner monuments of the property or have the site surveyed to the satisfaction of the inspector on the site.

2. Building plans showing elevations, floor plans, footing/foundation plans and a wall section. All plans must be fully dimensioned and to scale. All materials for construction must be called out on the plans.

Roof trusses must be pre-engineered by a truss manufacturing company or your drawings of the truss design must be signed by a registered professional engineer of Minnesota.

Specific Requirements

All accessory structures and additions are subject to the development agreement or City code for setbacks from property lines. All buildings must be 6 foot minimum from any swimming pool, 10 foot minimum from any septic tank, 20 foot minimum from any drainfield and all wells must be fully accessible. Contact the Planning Department for property setback requirements in your zoning district.

Specific standards on the following requirements, and other general requirements, are contained in the handout for Garages, Additions and Accessory Buildings:

  • City code requires (for open spaces) that only a certain percentage of a property be covered with building, paved or other impervious surfaces.
  • The maximum height of a garage or accessory structure is determined by the property zoning district and the specifications are different for detached and attached.
  • The maximum size of a building in Rosemount is regulated by the zoning district, the use and the location it is to be built in within the City. The maximum size of any attached residential garage is 1000 square feet. See MN State Building Code Chapter 1305 Section 406 for exceptions.
  • Attached garages must be constructed of the same materials as the principal structure.
  • Detached accessory structures, in most cases, must be constructed with exterior materials similar to that of the principal structure. For specific requirements contact City staff and see Section 11-5-2.6 of the Zoning Ordinance.


The type and timing of inspections depend on the project and its complexity. The inspections Department will review required inspections with you on a project by project basis.

A 24 hour notice is required for all inspections. You must know the permit number, and address to schedule any inspection. Inspections are scheduled Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 3:30 p.m. Call (651) 322-2024 to schedule all but electrical inspections.

Electrical inspections are done by the State of Minnesota Electrical Inspector. Call (612) 866-1979 between 7:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m., Monday through Thursday to schedule an electrical inspection.