City of Rosemount website links policy

Websites for the City of Rosemount are intended to serve the community by providing accurate information to residents about the activities and services of City government. To achieve that goal, the website may include hyperlinks to non-City websites based on the following standards.
  • Governmental, quasi-governmental, and public educational entities
  • Non-public K-12 schools listed in the website directory of the Minnesota Department of Education
  • Non-profit organizations that have an active relationship with the City through partnerships or programs, with contractual arrangements to provide public information
  • Non-profits that receive referrals from the City for services or support to the public
  • Public utilities and licensed service providers that serve Rosemount residents or properties
  • Qualified legal newspapers serving the City
The City website will not include links to:
  • Commercial sites
  • Individuals’ websites
  • Sites for political candidates or for advocacy of a position on City or other political issues
  • Religious entities, except for educational entities as described in the section above
  • Other sites that do not meet the criteria in the section above
Requests to include links will be reviewed before posting. The City Administrator or the Administrator’s designee will make a determination whether links are appropriate for inclusion, based on benefit to the City’s interests.

The City is not responsible for defamatory, offensive, or illegal material on non-City websites. Inclusion of links to non-City sites in the City website is for information purposes and is not an endorsement by the City of other entities.


The City of Rosemount has made reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information provided in its websites. Due to the possibility of unauthorized access to the sites, data transmission errors, changes to source material made since the last update to the sites, or other human or mechanical errors, the information contained on these sites should not be deemed reliable for legal purposes. Please contact the City at 651-423-4411 to verify the accuracy of the information.


The ROSEMOUNT logo and the designation SPIRIT OF PRIDE AND PROGRESS are service marks which are owned by the City of Rosemount.