Animal Control

Pets can add to the quality of life for their owners and for the community as a whole. To keep people and animals safe, the City enforces ordinances on the possession, control, and licensing of some pets.


All dogs over six months of age must be under restraint. Dogs on public property such as sidewalks, streets, trails, and parks must be controlled a leash no more than 6 feet in length. On private property, including inside a vehicle, a dog must be under voice or signal command of a competent person to whom the dog will respond.

Sanitation (Pooper-Scooper Law)

All persons in control of an animal on park property or other City property or public right of way must have in his/her possession at all times an apparatus that can be used for cleaning up feces and/or a bag for proper disposal of feces. The person in control of an animal is responsible for picking up the animal’s wastes and disposing of them properly.

Wastes on private property must be cleaned at least once a week.

Other Important Animal Rules

  • Owners are not allowed to keep or harbor a dog in the City that annoys others by barking or crying.
  • As a result of a Council action in 2011, cats are no longer licensed. The City will not collect stray cats. View a memo regarding the changes.
  • Rules affecting dogs also apply to ferrets

CSOs work to keep pets and people safe

Rosemount's Community Service Officers are non licensed officers. They are able to assist Rosemount’s regular sworn Police Officers on calls and other duties. CSOs duties include animal and traffic control, park patrol, transporting individuals to jail and detox, dealing with found and lost property, and enforcement of other City ordinances. Contact them via 911.