Historical Photos of RPD

Officer Ossie Larsen in the late '40s

Ohoto of Officer Ozzie Larsen

Officer Ossie Larsen in the late '40s

Photo of Officer Ozzie Larsen in the late 1940s

Chief Norris Pederson with the City's first owned squad car in 1962

Photo of Rosemount's first squad car in 1962

Chief Ray Tousignant

Photo of Police Chief Ray Tousignant

Officer Nick Fox

Photo of Officer Nick Fox

Officer Ray McNamara

Photo of Officer Ray McNamara

1971, Chief Tousignant and officers with Legionnaire Duea from Rosemount American Legion Post #65

Photo of Officer Fox, Officer McNamara, and ChiefTousignant

Sgt. Lyle Knutsen

Photo of Sgt Lyle Knutsen in 1975

Officer Mike Herrick

Photo of Officer Herrick