Community Survey

Every three years, the City of Rosemount puts out a citywide survey to check the pulse in the community, find out where we are doing well, and see what areas we may need to improve. We are pleased to discover that after two challenging years of pandemic, 94% of citizens still find Rosemount to be a desirable place to live. As a whole, we improved or stayed consistent in many areas. And while we didn't improve in every category, there were no concerning dips in relation to citizen satisfaction. 

For a second time, the City utilized the National Community Survey (NCS) to implement the survey and ensure we heard from a representative sample of residents. Not only does this allow us to compare how we are doing with how we have done in the past, but it also compares us to other cities around the nation.   

2021 Survey Documents

Rosemount ranked higher than other cities nationally in nearly 20 different categories, including: 

  • Recommending living in Rosemount to someone who asks
  • Treating all residents fairly
  • Variety of housing options
  • Availability of affordable quality housing
  • K-12 education
  • Sense of community
  • Availability of paths and trails
  • Rosemount as a place to raise children
  • Ease of travel by bicycle and by car
  • Cleanliness around the community
  • Taking care of vulnerable residents
  • Likelihood that you will remain in Rosemount for the next five years
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