The City of Rosemount has an ongoing effort to provide transparency in its operations and to invite public engagement. To provide the public with more information on the City’s performance, this website has included a Dashboard with several indicators of City operations.

In 2016, the City is adding the OpenGov tool for the use of citizens. It allows users to examine data for themselves by viewing charts and graphs or downloading the information into a spreadsheet. The City of Rosemount has engaged with OpenGov to assist with providing the public an interactive way to learn more about the City’s finances.

With this tool, users have an easy way to get answers to basic questions about City government. Try these examples:

Once you’ve chosen one of these options, you can explore further.

You can pick the type of chart, including pie, bar, or line.

You can hover your cursor over the chart for more detail  or click on the chart to dig for details. 

You can change the type of data you're looking at or filter for certain types of information