Report a Spill

Liquid and solid waste materials left on the ground pose a potential hazard to human health and safety and water resources. Materials that are left on streets, sidewalks, and driveways can be washed into storm drains the next time it rains. Storm drains are directly connected to local lakes and ponds; water entering storm drains does not receive treatment. Substances can also soak into the ground with the rain where they can potentially become part of the groundwater that we use for drinking water. Even seemingly harmless substances like soaps and grass clippings can be harmful to lakes and ponds.  

Remember, only rain down the drain. 

In emergencies – call 911

For non-emergencies between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday – call 651-322-2022 or submit form online.

For non-emergencies after business hours or on the weekend – call 651-322-2323