Rebates & Assistance Programs

Several organizations, as well as the City, offer financial or technical assistance to homeowners aimed at making improvements to homes or yards.  Below is a listing of several programs available to Rosemount residents.     

Click on the tabs below to review what is available to you in our area:

Rosemount Water Efficiency Rebate Program

The City is offering water efficiency rebates for the purchase of the following water efficient products and services:

Rebates cannot exceed 50% of the purchase price of each product and will show up as a credit on your next utility bill. New construction homes do not qualify for the rebate.  More details are provided on the application form below.  Rebate funds are limited, so get your application in as soon as possible.  Receipts must be dated July 1, 2022 or later to qualify.

*Irrigation system audits must be performed by an Irrigation Association Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor

**HOAs – please see item below on VRWJPO Urban Water Conservation Program 

Questions can be directed to 651-322-2022 or Email Public Works

Funding for the Water Efficiency Rebate Program is provided by the following partners:

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VRWJPO Urban Water Conservation Program

The Vermillion River Watershed Joint Powers Organization (VRWJPO) and The City have partnered to provide the Urban Water Conservation Program in Rosemount.  This program is exclusive to Homeowner’s Associations (HOAs) and multi-family residential properties.  Each year, two to three HOA's or qualifying multi-family properties are selected to receive an irrigation audit by a pre-selected certified auditor at a reduced cost of $50 – that’s an average savings of $2,000!  Based on the results of the audit, the selected HOAs and multi-family properties will be offered a partial reimbursement grant the year following the audit to be applied toward qualifying water efficiency improvements to their irrigation system.  The application deadline is April 1 of each year.  Selection will be based on water usage information.  You can see examples of previous audit results on the VRWJPO website; look under Irrigation Efficiency Projects.

Questions can be directed to 651-322-2075 or Email Jane Byron. 

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Rosemount Stormwater Rebate Program

The City of Rosemount is offering stormwater rebates for installation of voluntary yard projects that reduce stormwater runoff or improve stormwater runoff quality.  Typical projects that qualify for rebate are listed below:

  • Rain barrels - $20 maximum rebate
  • Cisterns - $250 maximum rebate
  • Native Plantings under 11,000 square feet* - $250 maximum rebate
  • Native Plantings over 11,000 square feet* - $500 maximum rebate
  • Raingardens - $500 maximum rebate
  • Buffers or Native Plant Shoreline Stabilizations* - $500 maximum rebate
  • Stormwater Reuse Projects - $500 maximum rebate
  • Permeable Pavers/Pavement Projects - $500 maximum rebate
  • Other project types may qualify - $500 maximum rebate

Rebates cannot exceed 50% of the installation and materials cost of the project, homeowners are only eligible for one stormwater rebate per year, and do not prevent homeowner from participating in or receiving funds from another program.  The rebate will show up as a credit on your next utility bill.  Some project types will require City approval prior to installation and that the property owner enter into an agreement to maintain the project**.  More details are provided on the application forms and policy below.  Rebate funds are limited, so get your application in as soon as possible.  Applications must be received by October 1 to qualify.

To apply for the stormwater rebate, submit one of the following application forms, receipts for your project, and other materials as requested on the form

Read the Stormwater Rebate Policy for all rules and requirements

Questions can be directed to 651-322-2075 or email Jane Byron.  

*Please note, native planting and buffer/shoreline projects require that plants or seed are native and of eco-type.  This means that the plants/seed will have their original source from within 200 miles of Rosemount (300 for trees and shrubs).  Cultivars of native plants will not be accepted.  Plant names for cultivars are typically spotted by descriptive phrases in quotes.  Examples include Purple Coneflower ‘Butterfly Kisses’ and Big Bluestem ‘Red October’.  

**Even if your project is not required to obtain approval prior to installation, you are welcome to submit your project to the City to review prior to installation.  Submitting a project for review prior to installation can help avoid common mistakes that may make your project ineligible for rebate.

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Landscaping for Clean Water Workshops & Grants

The Dakota County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) offers Landscaping for Clean Water  workshops every year between March and June.  There are 3 workshops: an Introduction to Clean Water Class, Design Course, and Maintenance Workshop.  The free Introduction to Cleans Water Class offers an introduction to raingardens, native plant gardens, and shoreline buffers and their benefits for water quality and wildlife.  During the class, attendees see lots of beautiful examples of gardens and plants to better gauge whether one of these types of water friendly gardens is right for their yard.  Introduction to Clean Water attendees are invited to the Design Course.  

The Design Course focuses on assisting attendees with developing a project/garden plan that is ready to apply for an SWCD grant.  The Design Course goes over everything a person needs to design and install their new garden: choosing a location, creating a planting plan, the how-to’s of installing a project, estimating costs, and how to fill out a grant application.  Master Gardeners and other experts are on hand to offer individual one on one help with developing a plan.

Attendance of the Introduction to Clean Water Class and Design Course are required to qualify for a Landscaping for Clean Water Grant of $250.  If accepted, SWCD staff provides technical help during garden installation.  They will help lay out the garden and answer questions about installation; check on progress midway through installation (especially important for raingardens); and inspect the garden when finished to make sure there are no problems.  The grant is a reimbursement once the project is complete.

The Maintenance Workshop focuses on garden maintenance to help keep projects working to protect water quality and keep them weed free.

Register  for Landscaping for Clean Water Workshops, learn more about Landscaping for Clean Water Grants, and see examples of projects  that have received grants from the SWCD: call 651-480-7777 or email email Landscaping for Clean Water or visit the Dakota SWCD website.  

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SWCD Grants

The Dakota County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) offers a number of cost share (partial grant) programs for suburban homeowners, businesses, institutions like places of worship, and farmers that install projects  on their property geared toward protecting water quality, reducing erosion, and improving soil health.  Most of the suburban developed area in Rosemount would fall under the Urban Cost Share category.  For more information, contact the SWCD at 651-480-7777 or email SWCD or visit the Dakota SWCD website.  

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Lawns to Legumes Grants

The Lawns to Legumes  program is a pilot program aimed at encouraging homeowners to install pollinator habitat in their yards offered by the Minnesota Board of Soil and Water Resources (BWSR).  Residents can apply for up to $400  to install a qualifying planting.  More information can be found at  the BlueThumb website and the BWSR website.   

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RAM Rain Barrel & Compost Bin Sale and County Discount

The Recycling Association of Minnesota (RAM)  offers rain barrels and compost bins for sale.  Most distribution dates occur in spring and early summer.  The first several hundred Dakota County residents to order may be eligible for an additional discount offered by the County at checkout – use promo code ‘Dakota’ at checkout.  Visit Recycle Minnesota website to order.

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Other Programs

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