Signs and Pavement Markings

Report any signs or posts in your neighborhood that become damaged and/or are leaning due to wind or other forces. Please submit the location of the sign through our online form.

Pavement Markings

The Engineering and Streets Divisions are responsible for the painted stripes, stop bars, pedestrian crosswalks, turn lane symbols and curb paint throughout the City. Almost every year pavement markings are painted for good visibility and reflectivity. If you have questions or concerns about pavement markings, please contact Engineering staff at 651-322-2022. 

Children at Play / Children Caution Signs

The Public Works & Engineering Department frequently receives requests for "Children At Play" or “Slow Children” signs in residential areas. These requests stem from concerns for the safety of their children in the street and near their homes. Unfortunately, these requests are based on a false belief that these signs actually provide protection. Citizens fail to realize that these signs are deceiving and ineffective.

For this reason, the City of Rosemount Public Works & Engineering Department will not install, or allow to be installed, "Children At Play" or “Slow Children” signs. These signs have not been shown to increase driver awareness and are not recognized as a standard highway sign by the Federal Highway Administration. This stance on specialized signs is also held by the State of Minnesota and is addressed in section 2C.2 of the Minnesota Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices which states, “The use of warning signs should be kept to a minimum as the unnecessary use of warning signs tends to breed disrespect for all signs”. 

Studies have shown no evidence that these signs prevent pedestrian accidents or decrease the vehicle speeds. "Children At Play" signs also give parents and children a false sense of security and can be misinterpreted to mean that it's acceptable to play in the street. It is important that parents teach their children about the dangers of playing near or in the street and should discourage them from doing so. 

Warning signs are effective tools if used sparingly to warn motorists of uncommon hazards that are not apparent to drivers. The use of unnecessary signs generally promotes a disrespect for all signs. To address pedestrian safety, specific warning signs for school zones, pedestrian crossings, playgrounds, and other recreational areas are used where they are truly warranted.

Speed Limits

How do I report a location for City staff to review signage concerns?

The City of Rosemount has a Traffic Safety Review Committee, which consists of members from Public Works, Engineering, and our Police Department. The committee meets monthly to review residents' traffic and pedestrian safety concerns. Submit the location of your concern to Public Works and include a brief reasoning for the additional signage or other requested changes. Once the concern has been reviewed, staff will send a letter to the resident with the committee's decision.