2023 Street Improvement Project

The 2023 project provides a complete pavement reconstruction along with extension of utilities (water and sewer) on the following streets:

  • Bacardi Avenue West between the edge of pavement and 820 feet north
  • 128th Street West between Bacardi Avenue West and Bengal Avenue West
  • 130th Way between Bengal Avenue and 130th Street West
  • Bengal Avenue between 128th Street West and 130th Street West

This project will provide a new road surface and drainage improvements as necessary along each of these streets. The limits of construction proposed on these streets can be viewed on the project map.  

Project Contacts

Katie Koscielak, WSB & Associates KKoscielak@wsbeng.com,

Brian Erickson, City Engineer
Email Brian

John Buchholz, Project Inspector
 WSB & Associates

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