Grading Permits

Apply for a Grading Permit

The City of Rosemount Requires a grading permit for land disturbing activities (moving, stockpiling, filling, excavating, etc.) involving  50 cubic yards or more unless the project is already covered under a fully executed subdivision agreement.

Most projects require submission of the grading permit application form, a site map showing existing conditions, a site grading plan, an erosion & sediment control plan, and a plan for permanent stormwater management facilities.  

Grading Permit Fees

The grading permit fees are calculated based on project disturbance volume.  City staff will calculate your fees for you based on information included in your grading permit application form.  Information on how grading permit fees are calculated can be found in the City’s Fee List.  

Financial Guarantee Required

Applicants must provide a security in the amount of $3000/per acre.  The security is returned after project is complete if it is in compliance with all City standards and requirements.  

Certificate of Survey and Grading As-built Requirements

Find a list of requirements to be included on the Certificate of Survey here.  Surveyors must state that all Certificate of Survey requirements have been completed and met on Grading As-builts submitted to the city for completed projects.

City Contact

Jane Byron
Stormwater Specialist
2875 145th Street West
Rosemount, MN  55068
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