Park Project Updates

UPDATE: The Kidder Park Neighborhood Meeting has been CANCELLED due to weather. Please give your input in the survey below. Thank you! 
  1. Kidder Park Playground
  2. Biscayne Park Playground
  3. Claret Park Playground

Kidder Park Playground Replacement Project

Kidder Park playground is scheduled for replacement in 2023.  Below are the proposed designs.   Click on on each design to view larger and/or more photos.  

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Design 1:
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Design 2:
Kidder Park Design 2 Opens in new window
Design 3:
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Design 4:
Kidder Park Design 4 Opens in new window

Project: Kidder Park Playground Replacement  

Staff Lead: Greg Lund  

Location: 3651 146th Street W. Rosemount, MN 


  • Request for Proposal – January 2023 
  • Public Comment – February 2023 
  • Construction Period – Early Summer 2023 
  • Completion – Summer 2023