What can I do to get a traffic sign installed?

Traffic signs and pavement markings have very specific installation criteria and regulations. The City utilizes the Minnesota Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MMUTCD) to determine the need and appropriateness for a traffic signal to be installed. Before a sign can be installed, traffic conditions (both vehicular and pedestrian) are reviewed, sometimes requiring an extensive engineering analysis. Based on this review, if the necessary criteria are met, consideration might be given to install a traffic sign. Before requesting a sign installation, please consider that traffic signs (stop signs in particular) may actually contribute to a greater problem if used unnecessarily. National studies have shown that too many stop signs and/or unwarranted stop signs create a host of undesirable safety conditions, such as increased speeds between signs, decreased compliance, and increased incidence of rear-end collision. With that in mind, you may contact the Public Works Department at 651-322-2022 if you feel there is a justifiable need for a traffic sign in your neighborhood. If you have a specific traffic or safety concern (such as speeding or parking violations) you may contact the Rosemount Police Department at 651-423-4491.

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