Why is there a fee for storm water?
The City of Rosemount collects a storm water utility fee to finance drainage projects and related expenses to control water quantities and improve water quality. The fee helps fund the City’s Stormwater Management Plan. The fee is collected throughout the City to fund a Capital Improvement and Operating Budget. Money goes toward activities including planning, capital expenditures, personnel, equipment, and utility administration. Benefits from these comprehensive efforts include flood control, enhanced surface water quality, and community education. The fee charged for each property is based on a number of considerations. Factors include the amount of runoff that the property generates. Calculations are made based on how much of the surface area allows rain water to soak into the ground, compared with how much is impervious. The calculation also takes into account how quickly water can soak into the ground, and what the slope of the land is. Rates are set based on categories for specific land uses.

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